• Course’s Objectives
    • The course’s main goal is to provide its learners with the opportunity to uncover their passion for learning languages and to advance their communication skills in general. This includes:
    • Developing one’s soft skills comprehensively through academic/non-academic subjects.
    • Forming quick and natural reflexes in using English to match those of native students.
    • Acquiring integrated skills:
      • Creative thinking: Students learn English through inspiring activities and performing arts such as acting, role-playing and talent showcasing, etc.
      • Critical thinking: Students confidently use English in presentations and speeches, utilizing logical techniques/tools such as Mind Map, SWOT analysis, etc.
      • Leadership: How to shape their own concepts and visions, to make plans/necessary arrangements, to move/inspire others, to build and manage a team, etc.
      • STEAM: Using English to gain access to basic/extended knowledge from different intellectual areas (Math, Science, Technology and Arts)  


  • Resources (Textbooks and Teaching Materials) 
    • Using standard Macmillan’s “Ferris Wheel” and “Share It”.
    • Integrating Cambridge Mathematics and Science as 2 additional subjects, aiming to to help students not only in language training, but also  in more specialized knowledge/terminology.
    • Throughout the course, lectures will be designed to alternate between regular English lessons and integrated academic subjects (either Math or Science).
    • In Science lessons, students will do experiments based on the knowledge they have learnt.
    • Practice for the Cambridge standard exam (Starters, Movers,…) will be integrated in all lessons to further educate students and exam familiarization.
  • Teaching Methods
    • Teachers will use an online interactive systems to monitor and evaluate students’ learning progress.
    • In addition to mid-term exams, comments regarding students’ performance will be updated regularly in order to inform parents about their child’s progress. 


  • Staff Resources
    • Teachers/tutors of the Ivy Programme are 100% guaranteed to have graduated from famous universities in Vietnam and overseas. Each of them has many years of experience in preparing learners for international exam certification, a close insight into the characteristics of Vietnamese language learners, and great devotion to teaching. 
    • With a team of well-trained and high-quality teachers, students will be fully equipped with all 4 language skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. In terms of linguistic reflex, 3-12 is the perfect age range for skill establishment when students’ comprehensive ability is at its fullest. 


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