To attend top high schools and universities, each student needs to have excellent English proficiency. IvyPrep students use English as a tool to learn, research, hone their skills, and solve problems.

  • Understanding the world
  • Awareness of the differences between diverse cultures.
  • Knowledge of technology
  • Masterful use of technology applications to help learn and work effectively.
  • International learning and working skills

Ivians are equipped with necessary skills of 21st century citizens to study and work effectively: critical thinking, creative thinking, teamwork skills, presentation skills, debate, leadership skills …

Ivians are responsible with their community and the environment.

Ivians have a positive attitude towards everyone around them and a sense of environmental protection, towards the values of human life with people and the earth.

EQuest Education is one of the largest private education corporations in Vietnam with 16 member units and more than 80,000 students enrolled each year. Equest was founded on the principles of innovation, excellence and dedication aimed at improving the status and quality of Vietnamese education in accordance with international standards.

EQuest Education always strives to become one of the leading educational service providers with the motto “Overcoming all paths and individuality” Nurturing the personal and academic development of each learner is the focus of all of our activities.