1. Ivy Senior Programme
  • Course’s Objectives: The course aims to 
    • Provide students with opportunities to discover their own interest in languages ​​and improve their English skills.
    • Comprehensively develop soft skills through subjects.
    • Think in English and form natural reflexes like native students.
    • Foster essential learning thinking skills of the 21st century: collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity.
    • Build a well-rounded young generation, good at English and confidently Build a well rounded young generation who are able to communicate and understand English both domestically and internationally.


  • Resources (Textbooks and Teaching Materials)
    • Close up B1 and Close up B1+: Using original images and specialized lessons from National Geographic to assemble an integrated English learning textbook, which covers all 4 language skills: Listening – Speaking – Reading – Writing, alongside with Vocabulary and Grammar.


  • Teaching Method
    • An online interactive system helps teachers monitor and evaluate students’ learning progress.
    • Each class will be divided into 2 different functional sessions. In particular, students will spend 50% of the classroom time focusing on the main textbook  to learn vocabulary, grammar, etc. and the remaining 50% of the time for the preparation for the Cambridge Cambridge Standard exams (KET, PET, etc.) 
    • In addition to mid-term tests, there is also preparation and practice of Cambridge exams to provide comprehensive and objective feedback on a student’s study.
  • Staff Resources
    • 100% of teachers graduated from famous universities in Vietnam and the world with many years of experience in preparing for international certification exams and a thorough understanding of the characteristics of Vietnamese students in order to pay attention to each student’s progress


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