IvyPrep will become the most prestigious College Preparatory center system nationwide which parents and students have first in mind when it comes to overseas education in the US.


  • Equip students with international standardized academic English
  • Design suitable learning pathways that fit individual needs and conditions of each student
  • Provide students with soft skills training and career orientation counseling services

Core Values

  • Learning: At IvyPrep, we cherish and champion the eagerness to acquire knowledge and skills. Learning enables growth, and thus is the principal value at the heart of all Ivians.
  • Excellence: Achieving excellence is our guiding principle. We always strive for the highest possible personal and professional standards in our fields.
  • Action: Poor implementation is the biggest hurdle to success. At IvyPrep, we maintain and foster a culture of thoroughness and walk-the-talk.
  • Dedication: We deeply believe in the value of what we do, and thus, we work with passion and devotedness towards our shared mission.
  • Scalability: We aim for sustainable and far-reaching social impacts, which can only be realized by the radical pursuit of scalable business models that cater to the masses.