IvyPrep – a pioneering organization in the field of training and scholarship consulting for studying abroad in the United States, Australia, and Canada in Vietnam, a member of the EQuest education organization, is incredibly proud to announce the prestigious “The IvyPrep Conquest Award” presented to Mr. Adam M. Vetrano, the principal of Albert Einstein School.

This is a symbol of prestige and honor for outstanding leaders in the field of education. “The IvyPrep Conquest Award” is presented annually to honor individuals or organizations that have achieved remarkable success in supporting and encouraging the career and study abroad development of Vietnamese students.

Mr. Adam M. Vetrano, an educator with a broad vision and steadfast commitment, has set records with outstanding contributions in creating favorable conditions and support for Albert Einstein School students in particular and Vietnamese students in general, facilitating access to higher education opportunities. His relentless efforts to optimize the learning experience for students have garnered significant attention and acclaim from the education community.

“The IvyPrep Conquest Award” is not only a recognition of Mr. Vetrano’s personal achievements but also an acknowledgment of the dedication and positive contributions of the leadership of Albert Einstein School, in promoting the development of career arts and higher education,” said Ms. Đặng Ngọc Lan – Deputy Managing Director of IvyPrep Education shared with the media.

With the credibility and significance of this award, IvyPrep hopes to spread positive spirit and enhance the quality of education. This award is evidence of Mr. Vetrano’s outstanding efforts and passion for the education profession and the development of younger generations.