The program aims to equip students with a strong foundation of academic English, especially knowledge and skills to enroll in high schools and colleges in the United States and other developed countries around the globe.


Program goals 

  • The IVY LEAD TOEFL iBT program helps students enhance their skills and practice applying tactics for taking the TOEFL tests, supplement the vocabularies from more than 40 common academic topics available in the test, optimizing their scores in a short time and reaching TOEFL iBT score of 150+. 
  • Train the four language skills equally, including Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing, and the ability of active listening, helping students to use English properly as well as to become independent in the actual living environment instead of studying intensively for certifications or high scores. 

Whom is the program for? 

IVY LEAD TOEFL iBT is applicable for students aged from 14 to 18 whose objective is to prepare for the journey of studying abroad. 

Why choosing IVY LEAD TOEFL iBT? 


Prestigious resourcesResources from the world’s leading publishers such as Collins, Macmillan, Barron’s, McGraw-Hill, The Princeton Review, etc. are scientifically arranged according to a clear roadmap, suitable for the learning style of Vietnamese students.
Innovative learning modelEnhance learner’s autonomy in learning foreign languages (learner autonomy) through Flipped classroom model and Authentic English model. Teachers use authentic materials, including magazines, newsletters, or blogs, to instruct, helping students interact with native English and produce more ideas for speaking or writing topics.
Ivy Stars teachers team100% of lecturers graduated from prestigious universities in Vietnam and the world.

Native teachers and Vietnamese teachers (ratio 50-50) are well-trained and have many years of experience in helping students achieve excellent TOEFL iBT scores.

Understand the weaknesses of Vietnamese students, follow up closely, pay attention to each student’s progress

Regular level checkStudents are to gain experiences and exam-handling ability through many assessments and continuous self-assessment throughout the learning process.

Monthly practice tests in the standard format of TOEFL (4 lessons/course) to increase students’ confidence with the test.

Highly interactive classroomSmall class size, only 10-15 students, increasing interaction with teachers and classmates, and optimizing studying time.



If you have any question, please leave your information so that the consulting team can contact and solving your problem immediately, helping you find the best study route, saving time and money.

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